Golf Tips in Japan – the Beginner’s Guide


Golf is without a doubt one of the most preferable games in the world and the fact that the athletes who play it are amongst the highest paid is pretty decisive. However, the game is quite complicated, and it requires a lot of practice to get to know it. With this in mind, beginners might have a hard time, but that’s why we are here to provide you with a few helpful golf tips to improve your game.

Improve Your Stance

You need to know that your stance is absolutely crucial for your swing and hit. You need to create a solid stance which is stable, wide and perfectly balanced. This is the only way to build your swing properly.

Develop the Perfect Posture

You need to understand that you have to tilt at your hips instead of your waist – this is going to allow you to properly improve your posture.

Your Grip is Essential

Your grip is your best friend. Take one of your clubs into your home and whenever you walk past it just hold it for a few seconds. You need to be incredibly comfortable when holding your club and that’s a way to familiarise yourself with it.

Use a Lot of Loft

Using a short and lofted club is going to encourage a proper development of your posture and also improve your ball striking ability. This is amongst the most appropriate golf tips for beginners as it’s going to have a great effect on your confidence.

The game is hard but with regular practice, you can definitely improve significantly. Remember that repetition is the key to success. Repeat all of the aforementioned golf tips and read up on new ones and you are most certainly going to start feeling the improvement in your game shortly.

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