Golf in Japan – An Increasing Popularity


Golf might not be the most popular sport, but it sure is one of the most fun to play and thought-provoking as well as skill-dependent ones. Furthermore, the reputation that the sport has far exceeds the local territorial boundaries of its country of origin, and it is now a worldwide endeavour played by hundreds of thousands of people all across the globe. With this in mind, Japan is one of the countries in which the golf is very popular in the recent years, and there is a growing tendency of improvement as well.

How Many Golf Courses in Japan Can One Find?

Well, the truth is that Japan has quite a lot of golf courses. The country totals about 2,383 golf facilities and courses and a total of 40,511 holes. This is quite considerable, and it speaks to how popular Golf in Japan actually is. The entire chart is by the USA, which has around 15,372 golf facilities and a total of 261,324 golf holes. Of course, you would also have to weigh in the population factor if you want to determine how famous the game is. Unlike the USA, Japan has a population of about 126 million people which gives us an average of 3,135 people per golf hole while the same average for the USA is about 1,227.

Golf in Japan is definitely growing in popularity as new and new facilities are worked on and launched every year. The country has definitely made a statement that it has the intention of popularising the game as much as it’s possible and the numbers are self-defending for sure. This is not surprising as Japan is one of the thriving economies in the world and home to a lot of wealthy people and golf is definitely a sport for those with money.


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