5 Best Exercises for Senior Golfers Over 50


Golf in JapanFor golfers over 50, it is undeniable that performance can be affected by a variety of health issues. Aging bones, for instance, can affect flexibility. With this, for those who would still like to be at their best shape for Japan golf, in spite of their age, consider the exercises that will be mentioned below.

Hip Loader

Lunge forward and reach your front feet with your hands. Return to your starting position. Lunge on your side while keeping your toes pointed forward. Reach out using your hands and return to your starting position. Rotate your body, including your leg. Reach diagonally and backwards while reaching as far as you can. Return to your original position.  

Resisted Rotations in Chair

This senior golf exercise will help in improving hip movements and motion. It will also be effective in addressing flexibility, one of the most common problems for seniors. Simply sit on a chair and pull an exercise band that is tied to a door.

Standing Cross Body Crawl Pattern

Stand with your hands on the level of your shoulder. Lift your right hand simultaneously with your left foot, at a height to at least six inches. Repeat it with the opposite hand and foot. Try to repeat this 20 times, but make sure that you have a balanced stance.

Bridges with Toes Turned In

Lie on your back with your feet flat on the ground and your knees raised. Turn your toes in. Raise your pelvis from the ground and retain such position for a few seconds. Go back to the original position and repeat.

Golf Stretch

This simple exercise for golfers over 50 will help improve the stability of the core and will prevent back pain. Golf stretching can be done daily and before every game. This will effectively warm up the muscles, and hence, tension will be lesser once you already start playing golf, just do normal stretching like what you would with any exercise routine.


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