Starting Golf is really Expensive ?




In Japan, there is some stereotype that golf is the sports played by rich people.


This is mainly because of the fact that even, preparing for playing, it requires you to buy many stuff


in advance, such as gear,crab,shoes,bag,tee,green mark,ball etc.


In total, it costs over 60,000-70,000 yen(this is tried as possible as cheap ).


if bought good one, it will be over 100,000 yen for sure.


In addition, going for practice also takes money,


so as practical game at course.



However, once you bought those set, you can keep using for after years.


For just learning golf at lesson, you may be able to borrow set,


as Our school also borrow set to student.


So, please don`t hesitate to learn.


There is some senior players who has lot of golf sets and can give you second hand one too.

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