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Recreational Golf Japan: A Few Things You Should Know


cropped-golfLogo.pngGolf is such a big thing in Japan. In fact, it is considered to be the largest market of the sport following the United States. More than $3 billon of golf equipment is being sold annually. There are more than 2,450 golf courses and more than 10 million golfers. With all of these things, it is pretty much obvious that recreational golf is indeed hot in Japan.

Golf Is Seen as Religion

As surprising and as bizarre as it may seem, golf in Japan is embedded in the beliefs of some religious groups. For instance, in the Church of Perfect Liberty, they believe that life is art and that playing golf is a sacred practice.

Lavish Golf Clubs

If you are looking for luxury, there are many golf clubs Japan that will be reflective of high-end living. Some of them have bathrooms with gold fixtures. There are also clubs that are decorated with expensive paintings from globally-renowned artists, such as Monet and Chagall. In fact, some people even find it cheaper to fly to other countries to play golf than enjoy a game in one of the illustrious clubs in the Japan.

Golf can be Cheap

While recreational golf in Japan can be an expensive experience, the good news is that there are also places where you can play without having to spend a fortune. There are some golf clubs Japan that have been debt-ridden. With this, in order to be spared from financial troubles, they are offering cheap green fees to lure more players. These courses, however, can be crowded because many players are taking advantages of their low prices.

Modern Golf Courses

As the country is known for its modern and sometimes out-of-this-world technology, expect that golf Japan will be an innovative experience. In many golf courses, they have robot caddies. In some places where the slopes are steep, they have escalators. Technology is integrated in many of their golf courses.