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Recreational Golf Japan: A Few Things You Should Know


cropped-golfLogo.pngGolf is such a big thing in Japan. In fact, it is considered to be the largest market of the sport following the United States. More than $3 billon of golf equipment is being sold annually. There are more than 2,450 golf courses and more than 10 million golfers. With all of these things, it is pretty much obvious that recreational golf is indeed hot in Japan.

Golf Is Seen as Religion

As surprising and as bizarre as it may seem, golf in Japan is embedded in the beliefs of some religious groups. For instance, in the Church of Perfect Liberty, they believe that life is art and that playing golf is a sacred practice.

Lavish Golf Clubs

If you are looking for luxury, there are many golf clubs Japan that will be reflective of high-end living. Some of them have bathrooms with gold fixtures. There are also clubs that are decorated with expensive paintings from globally-renowned artists, such as Monet and Chagall. In fact, some people even find it cheaper to fly to other countries to play golf than enjoy a game in one of the illustrious clubs in the Japan.

Golf can be Cheap

While recreational golf in Japan can be an expensive experience, the good news is that there are also places where you can play without having to spend a fortune. There are some golf clubs Japan that have been debt-ridden. With this, in order to be spared from financial troubles, they are offering cheap green fees to lure more players. These courses, however, can be crowded because many players are taking advantages of their low prices.

Modern Golf Courses

As the country is known for its modern and sometimes out-of-this-world technology, expect that golf Japan will be an innovative experience. In many golf courses, they have robot caddies. In some places where the slopes are steep, they have escalators. Technology is integrated in many of their golf courses.


How to choose your golf pro


Golf is a friendly sport with a long history. On the other hand, to enjoy golf, you will be asked to understand until the small part of the Golf. Fun of golf, golf will also say proportional to the skills. In comparison with Europe and North America, there is room for golf of awareness is still progress in Japan. However, have contributed to the development of the awareness, it is also true that golf instructors with a worldwide-class technology is in Japan. Such a golf instructor, as well as golf to enjoy and skills to everyone in the golf novice, tell me the depth of golf, will continue to develop into a professional player. In our golf school, we align the experienced golf instructor that lead to optimal and skills at the highest way.

Instructors to bear in mind the golf guidance to match the era

Golf in JapanAttitude, instructors our accuracy, and technology over those of Golf School, effectively and quickly will be teaching the necessary elements for the golf to everyone. If there is even the instructors teaching with a reliable experience, without the relationship of everyone of age and experience, it does not have a dream road to professional players as well as the improvement of skills. This golf school instructor, snuggle in skills progress of everyone, and leads up to the target of everyone under the optimal teaching methods to suit each student. Precisely because it rich instructor of golf experience, we confront eagerly than anyone in golf skills of the student.

The need for experience in the golf teaching method

The key to when it comes to wish you a golf instructor, is experience. Of course, to choose a certified instructor is a basic, instructor of experience what there is nothing to be directly connected to the golf skills of the student. It more than a certain amount of time and experience, it is said that finally the instructor is able to learn the teaching methods. This golf school instructor, we have a golf experience in many parts of the world, not only in Japan. Golf instructors not only teach with the students as, always has his own also learn attitude. By doing so, we are able to wear the most effective teaching methods for different levels of students.


How to choose the golf club for your child


As far as fitting kids in golf clubs, it’s like picking out the right shoes for kids. The size, weight and performance of the shoes are key elements to keeping your child comfortable, safe and having fun. These elements are the same in picking the right golf club.

    The first thing we do is measure the kid’s height. This will ensure we find the right length shaft. If the shaft is too long, the club head will not sit properly and will make hitting a golf ball very difficult. Imagine giving a 10 year old kid an adult golf club, the toe of the club will probably sit an inch off the ground.
    The second thing we would talk about is the club weight. Club weight is just as important as club length. If the club is too heavy, the child will have a hard time making a good back swing and through swing. So simply cutting down an adult set will not perform like a club built for children.
  3. FLEX
    The third thing to think about is shaft flex. Like club length and weight, flex is just as important. Having the right flex will help the child launch the ball on a good trajectory and maximize distance. Just like an adult struggling to hit a very stiff shafted club, a child will have a difficult time hitting a cut-down adult club for the same reason.

The fourth thing we review with the parents and children when selecting the right set of golf is determine the playing level. There are different level golf clubs for kid’s just starting golf to kids who play in tournaments. Kids just starting to play


Simple golf tips to follow


Nice Posture is the key

Whenever I evaluate a golfer’s ability, I first check for a proper grip and a balanced, athletic setup. Then I watch the footwork, which ultimately determines how efficiently the player creates club head speed.

Proper footwork is a necessity for consistency and power, and there’s a sequence you should strive for.

As you start the downswing, plant your left heel firmly to initiate the forward rotation of your hips. Replanting the left heel. Keep reading