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What Cherry blossom means to Japanese people



Sakura (Cherry blossom)is most popular flower of Japan in the world.


It is really natural thing for me to see Sakura every year in spring.


Even it is surely beautifull, to be honest, I have`nt had any other feeling more than that.


However, I have got one question for long time,


which is “What Cherry blossom means to Japanese people”.


According to the current research by “Sakura website” “http://sakura.weathermap.jp/”,


Sakura will start blooming from Martch 24th this year.


Since April is the farwell and beginning season,


Sakura is often reffered as representative of those feeling “tears and departure”.


At the end of march, Sakura place has many Japanese and tourists walking through sakura trees


and having picnic called “hanami”. Students and workers go under sakura and having snacks and drink.


I personally like Yotsuya area near Sophia university, Iidabashi area along the river and Meguro river area.


For first two places, there are not so many people at sakura time, especially night is beautiful.


Meguro river is also beautiful among these three, however, lots of people there.


Tokyo on Foot: Meguro River Cherry Blossom Walk

I recommend you go walk round under sakura trees in spring and see what kind of emotion


you can see from Japanese people`s face. May be joy, sorrow, exciting..you can also see yourself.