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Golf Stretches Promoting More Fluid Swing


Golf in JapanBeing able to pull off proper fluid golf swings is absolutely crucial for your game. With this in mind, it’s important to understand that golf stretches are definitely capable of preparing you for a long day on the course. They are also capable of promoting a proper and fluid, full golf swing which is certainly going to significantly strengthen your performance. Keep in mind that it’s always highly advisable to warm up before you start with the stretches in order to ensure that there aren’t any unwanted and unexpected injuries.

Golf Stretches for Quadriceps

Senior golf would require you to do proper stretches in order to ensure the fluidity of your swing. However, in order to perform the stretch, properly you want to stand up and place the chair behind you while placing your arms crossed on the chest. When you are through, lift one of your legs on the chair behind you and start swinging slowly by rotating your shoulders.

Stretch Your Back

Place the chair in front of you, stand behind it and extend your arms to grab the back of the chair. When you have it, move your buttocks backwards while simultaneously leaning forward. It’s going to firmly stretch your entire back and waist which is very important for your swing.

Seated Hip Stretches

Keep in mind that your hips also have to get stretched. In order to do so, sit back on a bench, place your right ankle on your left thigh and start leaning forward at your waist. You are going to feel a slightly gentle stretch in the right hip. Repeat the entire thing after switching legs.

Golf stretches are important, especially for senior golf because as you progress with age, your muscles become denser and stiffer which is going to affect your golf swings. In order to perform perfectly, you would definitely have to consider stretching.